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Anti Wrinkle



Botox otherwise known as Botulinum Toxin is still the most popularanti-ageing treatment available. It is a naturally occurring proteinderivedfromthe bacterium Clostridium Botulinum.

Wrinkles are caused by changes in the skin, around areaswheremusclesare overactive. TheBotulinum renders musclestemporarilyinactivemaking the face appear softer, smoother andyounger. Frownlines,crows feet, bunny lines, necklines, necklace lineswere treated.

Each treatment session usually takes between 5 and 10minutesandinvolves between 10 and 15 injections. Treatmentsarecompletelysafe with severe and permanent reactions.

Our strategies are combination with  Botuinum ToxinandHyaluronicacid0injection.