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Moles & Skin Cancer


Extirpation is the best cure. We are then able to remove anymolesonthesame day in most cases, and then organizepathologicalexaminationunder the microscope with a report. We arealso able toremove moles byspecial techniques on the basis ofaesthetic andplastic surgery.

On the diagnosis, we use the dermatoscope (an illuminated hand-heldlens withmagnification) for ruling out the malignancies.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer usually refers to non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC)ascompared to melanoma cancer which is also amalignantgrowthoriginating in the  skin. The two most common formsare basalcellcarcinoma (BCC) and squamous cellcarcinoma (SCC).Boththesetumours are related to cumulative sun exposure andmostcommonlypresent in an older population with a life-time.

NMSC presents as either a skin coloured lump, ascaling lesion,anerosionthat will not heal or an ulceratedlesion. Any suchlesionrequiresimmediate assessment with a dermascopy if there isanydoubt byperforming a biopsy.

Our strategies are exact diagnosis, lazer, surgery and follow up.

for more treatment and diagnosis, city hospital or universityhospitalareintroduced.