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Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

laser is a safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair.Hairgrowthis reduced and removed by aseries treatments using  coolingAirsystems. The laser is absorbed by the hair pigmentationandtravels toheat the follicle and destroy it without damage tothesurrounding skintissue.

We treat many hair colours and skin types safely. The highenergylevelsof our laser reduces the number of treatments requiredtoachieve hairloss so is overall cost effective compared toextendedtreatments thatare required by lower energy lasers.

Our strategies are long pulsed Alexandrite lazer and Nd-Yag lazer.ビス内容を入力してください。〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇