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Acne Treatment

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Acne is almost a universal condition affecting nearly everyteenageratsome stage. It begins from age 10-13 at a time when achildisundergoing puberty. It therefore can have far-reachingpsychosocialconsequencesas well as result in permanentdisfigurement.When itprogresses from more than the occasional pimpleor extendsintolater life we consider it a medical condition. There aremany typesofacne and so assessment ensures the appropriatetreatmentisprescribed and tailored specifically to your type of acne.treatmentsinclude specialized facewashes, gels and creams,systemictreatmentincluding antibiotics, chemical peeling, CIPLthearapy, lasertherapyand Fractional lasertherapy.

Acne has many causes and is a disease of the oil producing glandsoftheskin called the pilosebaceous glands. Excess sebum production,Blockage of the pilosebaceous gland, Infection withabacteriacalledPropionibacteriun acne.

Early treatment of acne is essential for the preventionoflastingcosmetic disfigurement associated with scarringandtreatmentdepends on what type of acne is present.

comedonal acne

This form of acne is very common in pre-teenage or early teenageyears.Treatment at this stage may prevent further development oftheacne:topical tretinoin or adaptalene used once daily at night. Weprefer touseretinoids at night as they can photosensitize the skinand thereforearebest washed off in the morning before going intosunshine.Topicalretinoids are effective against white heads andblack heads.Salicylicacid peeling may be used as ananticomedonetreatment.

inflammatory acne

Topical clindamycin anderythromycin are also effective and canbeusedtwice daily. Inflammatory acne may be also treated bybenzylperoxide.Moresever inflammatory acne will requiresystemicantibiotics.Sometimes hormonal therapy can be very effectiveinfemale patientswith acne.

Our strategies are ointment, medication, peeling, CIPL, Fractionallaser.