Necklace Silver, Gold(k22), Polymer clay,Resin, Synthetic stone, Glass

The motif is Kingyo-bachi, Japanese traditional round glass fishbowl, and kingyo (goldfish) swimming in it.In silver aquarium plated with rhodium, goldfish with polymer clay, silver water-weed plated with QQ-karat gold, colorful synthetic stone and glass particle, are all playing in transparent plastic water.The expression of each goldfish is different since it is shaped with delicate fingertip handwork.@I picked up the adorable ones.The black goldfish is called "Demekin," which literally means "pop-up eyed goldfish". It is referred as telescope-eye, a variety of fancy goldfish characterized by its protruding eyes.

Sakura petal pendant

Necklace Silver, Gold(k22), Polymer clay,Resin, Synthetic stone, Glass

Series: Miyabi
The Japanese traditional craft "raden", design in mother-of-pearl inlay, was used for this series. Transparent shells (rainbow colored pieces inside the shell) was sprinkled on the silver body before coating with resin.. Oriental design with sprinkled gold leaves reminds us of the world of "The Tale of Genji" painted in picture scroll.

Brooch/Necklace Silver, Synthetic stone

Lacy Butterfly

This is a sterically-built butterfly with races of wiry pure silver string.There are two different types, one characterized by the whiteness of pure silver and another with antique finish which conveys calm and soft atmosphere..

Necklace Silver, Pearl

Cradle in the sea

The motif is an aquatic snail which embraces a beautiful pearl preciously at the bottom of the sea. ..

Necklace Silver, Synthetic stone

Night Sky Bloomer@

Choker This captures a moment when fireworks burst across the summer night sky in starbursts of lights.Bouncy silver curves and beautiful synthetic stone will make your neckline distinct and dramatic.

Necklace Silver, Synthetic stone

Series: Garlands for Princess@

Necklace This necklace is formed by linking 3-dimentional flowers with races of wiry pure silver strings.High-quality synthetic stones bring out the beautiful shine of pure sliver race.This look best not only on gorgeous bridal dress but also on simple casual wear such as knit or blouse.Since this is not plated, it gradually becomes sulfulized by exposure to air, which results in discoloration.The best way to keep its whiteness is to store in sealed packages such as ziplock.Even though it got tarnished by air, it gives an antique look and produces a different type of zest.

Necklace Silver

Series: Bewitching Roses@

Hollow Heart Pendant This is hollow inside.Any rose shows the same expression with others because outlines of roses are all handwritten and squeezed out manually..This is a reversible pendant, in rose patterns and in solids.

Sakura Sakura(cherry blossom)

Brooch Silver, Gold(k22),Resin, Mother of pearl

Sakura is one of my favorites.
Several small blossoms are shaped into a crescent to form a large-sized brooch.
Subtle difference of colors of resin petals brought a very beautiful finish of this work.