Convention Card

System       Natural Scientific : 5-card M
NT           1N=15-7, 2N=20-1, 3N=solid m!
             after 1N / Stayman with Smolen Xfer!, JXF with Walsh relay!, TXF!
             2S=MSS! ( weak min's / D bust / str min's )
             2NT->3C! ( club bust / str 4441 ), 3C/3D=INV with good 6C/6D
             3H/3S=Short Suit Warning ( singleton or small doubleton )
             after 2N / Stayman!, JXF with Walsh relay!, TXF! 3S=MSS!
             2C->2D! over X, NegX thru 3-level overcall, Lebensohl
Majors       5-card M, (may be good 4-cards in 3rd/4th seat)
             Splinter!, Jacoby 2NT!(15+), 3NT=Swiss!(12-14)
             Const Single Raise, Bergen Raise! ( 1H-2S/3C/3D or 1S-3C/3D/3H )
             2/1 promises another rebid, Forcing 1NT!, Reverse Drury!
             Pre Jump Raise, Cue=Limit Raise+, Fit Jump over competition
Minors       Invm Raise!, Splinter!, 2N=12-14/18+, 3NT=15-17
             NMF after 1NT rebid!, 4SF!
             Pre Jump Raise, Cue=Limit Raise+, Fit Jump over competition
Strong       2C=22+ or 9 tricks, 2D=waiting, Second Neg
Intermediate 2D=Flannery 5H & 4S, 2NT=ASK
Weak         2H/S=6-11, good 6 H/S, 2NT=Ogust!
Overcalls    8-17, Cuebid=1rdF, Jump Cue=INV!, Pre Jump Raise, New Suit=NF
             Pre Jump Overcall ( may be light when NV )
NT-Over      1NT=15-18, systems on, 2N=2 lower unbid or natural
Doubles      NegX thru 4D!, RespX!, MaximalX!, SupX!
Vs.Doubles   1/1=1rF, 2/1=NF, 2NT=Limit Raise+, XX=implies no fit
Preempts     sound
Vs.Preempts  TakeoutX thru 4D
Cuebids      Michaels=6-11/18+, 5-5
Slam-Bids    RKCB (5C=14 & 5D=03), Gerber on NT, GSF, DOPI
Suit-leads   Rusinow lead, 3rd/5th best lead
NT-leads     Zero/Two higher lead, 4th best
Carding      frequent count signal, frequent trump echo

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