Suit symbols MUST be used. The following abbreviation may be used (note the use of BLOCK CAPITALS and SLASHES(/):

(5431) Any hand with that distribution (suit unknown)
5431 Five spades, four hearts, three diamonds, one club
5-4 (31) Five spades, four hearts, and 3-1 or 3-1
54(xx) A hand with five spades and four hearts

ASK Asking bid
ART Artificial
ATT Attitude
B Black suit(s)
BAL Balanced
BW Blackwood
CB Checkback
COMP Competitive
CONC Concentrated (e.g. all values in the bid suits)
CONST Constructive
CTRL Control
CUE Cue-bid
DBL or X Double
DISCG Discourage(ing)
E Even
ENCRG Encourage(ing)
FRAG Fragment
F Forcing
F1 Forcing 1 round
F2NT Forcing to 2NT
FG Forcing to game
4SF Fourth suit forcing
FREQ Frequent
G/T Game try
H Honour(Ace,King,or Queen)
HCP High Card Points
INV Invitational
INQ Inquiry
JTB Jacoby Transfer Bid
KCB Keycard Blackwood
L/D Lead-directing
LEB lebensohl
LHO The opponent on your left
L/S Long suit
M Major
m Minor
MAX Maximum, Maximal, Maximal Overcall Double
MIN Minimum
NAT Natural
NEG Negative
NEU Neutral
NF Nonforcing
NT Notrump
NV Nonvulnerable
OM The other major
om The other minor
OPPT Opponent(s)
OPT Optional
O/S Outside
O/C Overcall
P/C Pass or correct
PEN Penalty
PH Passed hand
PRE Preemptive
PUP Puppet to (e.g. 2forces 2)
QUANT Quantitative
R Red suit(s)
(R) Relay (e.g.2 asks for shape description)
RDBL Redouble
RESP Responder;Response;
REV Reverse
RHO Opponent on your right
RKCB Roman Keycard Blackwood
R/O Reopening
S/P Suit preference
S/A Suit agreement
S/O Signoff, shutout
SOL Solid (suit)
S-SOL Semi-solid(suit)
SPL Splinter, or short suit
S/S Short suit
S/T Slam try
STAY Stayman
STR Strong
SUPP Support
T/O Takeout
TRF Transfer
UNT Unusual Notrump
VUL or V Vulnerable
w/ With
w/o Without
WJO Weak jump overcall
WJS Weak jump shift
WK Weak
x Any suit;any small card
y/z Any other suit(s)

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